Download the Joseph Family Foundation Grant Application

Grant Guidelines:
  1. Our grants are by invitation only.
  2. Grants are generally not provided to:  Start up organizations for start up-funding, general operating requests, awareness or marketing campaigns, fiscal sponsorship programs, or political organizations.
  3. Receiving a grant is not a guarantee of continued funding.  Generally, grants are limited to three year period and the Foundation may require matching contributions in year two and three.
  4. The Foundation will, generally, not give to an organization if the grant represents a significant portion of the overall budget within any fiscal year.
  5. The organization receiving the grant must provide a progress report within 12 months of receiving a grant.
Publicity Policy:
The Joseph Family Foundation permits grantees to acknowledge the Foundation's financial support if they deem it useful in advancing their mission and work. 
Grantees may acknowledge the Foundation's support as appropriate in publications, announcements and media coverage of their work. In any acknowledgement, a grantee may use the name and mission statement of the Joseph Family Foundation, as well as the nature or purpose of the grant. Unless specifically authorized, grantees are not permitted to disclose the specific dollar amount of the grant. The Foundation's logo is available upon request. 
Draft press releases, and requests for official statements must be directed and approved by the Foundation.
Any questions on this policy should be addressed to the Foundation.

Applying for a Grant